New Kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve brought home an early Christmas present for me and Sam.  A co-worker had rescued a kitten from a dog and brought the kitten into work for a different co-worker.  The co-worker took the kitten home, but it didn’t work out because they also had a dog.  SO, Steve thought that we would be able to give the kitten a good home.

So, without further ado, let me introduce Miss Sophie :-)



Miss Sophie is a flame point siamese mix.  We’re not sure how old she is, but probably 3-6 months.  I need to get a vet appointment scheduled for her, then we’ll find out a bit more about her.  So far Cuddles hasn’t really interacted with her, but she’s been sniffing around where Sophie has been.  Scooter went up to Sophie in her carrier and was trying to sniff her, but she must have swipped him because Sam heard Scooter yowl and saw him take off in the other direction.  We’ll keep them separated for a week or two, and see how they get along.  Hopefully it will go well!


Heights Cheer Show

This past Thursday, Independent’s Upper and Middle School Cheer teams joined forces and exhibited in the 6th Annual Battle of the Squads.  Their routine was one of the only squads who did not drop one of their stunts!  The girls were all mightily pleased with their performance afterwards, which they should be.  They did a great job!

Sam is in the very back row toward the right hand side of the ‘stage’.  

You can see their performance here.

They’ll be performing again – at the Andover Cheer show.  Not quite sure when that one is though.

The end of the season

Last night was the last football game of the season.  


The panthers ended with a 6-4 record – which I believe is the best in the school’s history!  Sam had a blast cheering at the games, but was more than ready for the football season to end, and I’m a bit excited about having my Friday nights back again.  Although, with basketball season coming up before too long, I’ll have to enjoy my free nights while I can!


Happy, Happy Halloween from the Kits

While they weren’t terribly excited about getting dressed up in their Halloween costumes, they were fairly good sports about it – except for Cuddles, who kept trying to take her collar off and getting her leg stuck in her collar.

Hope everyone has/had a safe and happy Halloween filled with lots of treats!

Chester’s First Dressage Show

Sam took Chester to his first Dressage show today.  She’s been working hard getting him to slow down and relax.  It’s been a tough road for her, but she’s definitely making progress!  

Sam entered three classes – Intro A, Intro B, and the Starter Combined Training, which consisted of Intro C and an 18″ Jumping course.  My video camera wasn’t working for Intro A, but I was able to capture her last three rides.  The videos can be found on You Tube at the following links:

Intro B -

Intro C -

Jumping - 


Sam’s Cheerleading Debut

Toward the end of the school year, Sam decided that she wanted to cheer for Independent.  She has been really active in attending practices this summer and attended the NCA Cheerleading Camp at KSU in Manhattan, KS (which incidentally is the same camp that Steve attended and taught at all those years ago).  

Steve and I drove up to Manhattan to attend the performance day.  Unfortunately we missed Sam’s first performance, but were able to catch the second performance.  Sam had a great time and learned a ton!  I’m so proud of my girl!  

I uploaded the video that Steve took on Youtube.  Follow this link to see her and her team in action!  Click here.

Valentine’s Day Presents

These are presents that I created for Steve and Samantha for Valentine’s day. They also just so happen to fit into the Papertrey Ink Anniversary challenge for today – interactive elements. Killing two birds with one stone is always the best method for getting things accomplished! These are little treat boxes that I learned to make ages ago. It’s been so long that I don’t remember how I got the pattern, but I believe that it came from Stamp Heaven (a stamping group that used to meet in Beatrice, NE).

These boxes are great because they are quick and easy to make, and they stay closed on their own without the need for ribbons or ties. To open them, you just pull-up! It can be a bit tricky to get the top loose enough to be able to open easily.

These treat boxes used PTI Raspberry Fizz, Sweet Blush, Dark Chocolate and Lemon Tart cardstock, Tiny Treats Valentines stamp set, PTI True Black and Raspberry Fizz ink, Prismacolor pencils and Gamsol, and PTI Doily Details die.

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