Crochet Class

This Saturday, Samantha and I went to the Twist Yarn shop for a crochet pot holder class.  This wasn’t your ordinary pot holder – it’s a double sided pot holder!  Twice the thickness of a standard crocheted pot holder.  I’d seen the samples at the store and was really interested in seeing how to make it.  The awesome part is that I was able to get the pot holder completed while in the store!  Sam got hers about 1/3 done – not sure if she’ll finish it or not…  Below are pix of the front and back.  These would definitely make for fun gifts (and it’s not like I don’t already have enough cotton yarn!)Crocheted Pot Holder BackCrocheted Potholder Front


We’ve Moved!

We’re slowly getting settled here in Wichita.  The movers came Thursday morning and unloaded everything off the truck.  Then the fun began for Sam and I.  Fortunately for Steve – he goes to work during the day so he misses a big part of the unpacking!  I am making him set up the kitchen though, hehe!  He definitly needs to be involved in un-packing somewhere!

We attended a Pony Club meeting on Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening Sam went out and rode one of the club members horses – a Haflinger mare named “Sammi”.  After they were done, Sammi was glaring at Sam.  She was so put off that someone actually made her work!  (Apparently she’d had a 3-4 week break).  We had to go out Sunday afternoon with a bag of carrots to make sure that Sammi didn’t hate Samantha!  Boy – that sure is going to get confusing – Sammi the horse and Sam the kiddo!

Sam is currently at the 9th grade and new student orientation for her new high school – The Independent School (TIS or Independent).  We went Friday night for a parent/student orientation and for an all school picnic.  One of the English teachers sat down and ate with us.  She kept looking around for some incoming freshmen, and when she spotted some, had Sam gather her stuff and took her over to introduce her to them.  Today, there is a program until 11:30 or so, then they are going to get some lunch and then go bowling.  Hopefully she’ll be feeling even more ready for the first big day – tomorrow! 

I’m off to check out a yarn shop in town – hopefully I’ll be able to get some help with my sweater!  ‘Til next time…

Western Days at County Fair

We’ve been spending lots of time at County Fair – and it’s not over yet!  We started out trailering Patty to the Events Center on Wednesday around noon, and won’t take her back home until Tuesday evening.  Since Patty has done western events before, Sam decided to enter some of the western classes and give them a try.  She’s been looking forward to trying the western events at County Fair all summer long!  She rode Patty in Working Pleasure and Western Riding (pattern classes) and Western Pleasure.  Sam brought home white ribbons in Working Pleasure and Western Riding due to broken patterns (had never practiced the patterns before) and a blue ribbon in Western Pleasure. 

Unlike typical horse shows that place you 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc., 4-H gives out Purple, Blue, Red and White ribbons.  A White ribbon is disqualification or elimination, a Red ribbon is “needs work”, a Blue ribbon is “average or good”, and a Purple ribbon is “excellent or outstanding”.  Then, they also choose the top two riders in a class for Champion and Reserve.

Western Pleasure

Sam also rode a friend’s pony – Chester in games.  She took Chester in the Keyhole Race, Pole Bending and the Figure 8 Stake Race.  I think that both Sam and Chester had an absolute blast!  Sam and Chester took home Red ribbons in their three races, which really isn’t too bad, since Sam and her friend are working on re-training Chester and calming him down – he gets anxiety/panic attacks right before games.  Despite a few rough spots, he actually did very well!

Pole Bending with Chester

Tomorrow starts the English classes at Fair.   Sam should do better in the English classes, since that’s what she’s used to doing. 

We also celebrated (kind of) Sam’s 14th birthday on Friday.  There wasn’t much of a celebration since she was in the middle of one of her busier days at fair, but a few friends stopped by to wish her Happy Birthday, and we brought out a large cookie to share.  It’s really hard to believe that Sam’s already 14 and will be driving in less than two years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!