Click For Babies Purple Hats

The crochet guild here in Wichita has been collecting purple baby hats for the “Click For Babies” campaign.  I learned about the campaign at their September meeting and I thought that I could whip up some hats.  I didn’t have a whole lot of purple yarn at home so I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased two skeins of “I Love This Yarn” purple and one skein of green because I wanted to try this really cute eggplant hat. 

Eggplant Hat

I didn’t quite realize how many hats I’d be able to get out of two skeins of purple yarn!  I ended up making a total of 18 hats! 

Purple Hats

The next charity project is one that my knitting guild is undertaking.  They’re collecting red scarves for Foster Care to Success (  I don’t think that I’m going to make anywhere near 18 scarves though, hehe!  I’ll pick up one or two skeins of red yarn to make some scarves out of and see how many I end up with.


TIS Homecoming Fall 2011

Here they are – the Homecoming pictures I promised yesterday.  Sam did have a date, but he didn’t pick her up, instead they met at the dance.  We also picked her up from the dance – definitely a safe date 🙂

Homecoming Outfit

We went to Beauty First before Homecoming to get Sam’s hair trimmed.  We ended up getting highlights and a special curled hairdo!  My little girl is growing up WAY too fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad and Daughter

Soccer Manager

When Sam started Independent, we encouraged her to get involved in activities and clubs.  One of the activities that she chose was to help one of her friends as the Soccer team manager.  When she told Steve, he thought that it was great that she was a manager of the GIRLS soccer team.  What Steve failed to realize was that Sam hadn’t specified WHICH soccer team she was helping to manage.  It turned out to be the boys soccer team, LOL! 

The other soccer managers are seniors, so they are showing Sam the ropes so Sam can take over as Manager next year.  The coach is really excited to have a manager for next year.  So far, Sam’s attended a good majority of the practices and about 2/3’s of the games – some were pretty far away and were going to take up most of the day – that doesn’t quite work too well when you have a lot of tests coming up!  She really seems to be enjoying her time as a soccer manager for Independent, and has really taken to High School.

Soccer Manager


Sam is the one standing on the right side of the picture with the white shirt and blue shorts.  It’s difficult to get pics of her doing her thing because she’s all the way across the field!  Even with my zoom lens it was difficult to get a much larger pic.  Oh well.

Meeting a Cousin

Uncle Carl and Leilia came to Lincoln for a visit the first weekend in October.  This is the first time that we’d ever met Leilia, and it had been like 5 years or so since we’d seen Uncle Carl.  It was a wonderful visit and Leilia and Sam got along well!  We took Leilia and Uncle Carl to Prairie Hill to visit Sam’s old Montessori School (Leilia attends a Montessori school at home near DC).  Sam showed Leilia the chickens and ducks, and introduced her to Cookie – Sam’s favorite Shetland pony.  We also went to Chucky Cheese’s where all Leilia wanted to do was to go down the slide.  Once Sam showed her how to get up to the slide, there was no stopping her!  Sam and Steve had fun with all the different video games and rides.  On Sunday, Sam and Leilia baked brownies for lunch and then played with some blocks.  I remember with Poppy used to play with these very same blocks with Sam when she was a toddler.  What good times!

Baking Brownies

Playing blocks with Leilia

2011 Midwest Region Games Rally

Even though we had already moved, we decided to attend the Midwest Region’s annual Games Rally at Longview Horse Park in Kansas City, MO.  One of our good friends from back home let us borrow their pony – Chester (or Cheez-it as Sam likes to call him).  Sam had a blast at Games this year, despite falling off twice and hurting her ankle (Chester seemed to think that it was time to run back ‘home’ as soon as Sam had two feet off the ground – regardless of whether or not her butt was in the saddle or not)!  irregardless, she had a great time with her team, and they took home first place and qualified for Championships.  I highly doubt that we’ll end up going because they are in Lexington, Virginia this year, but at least she has the option.

Hi-Lo Race at 2011 Games Rally

Bottle Race

English Days at County Fair

Since it’s been over a month, I figured that I’d better catch up with my posting.  Not to mention getting some of the photos I’ve taken off my camera and onto the computer where I can do something with them!

The last few days of County Fair were bitter sweet as we knew that our time in Lincoln was coming to an end.  Sam showed Patty in just about every English class that she could.  She took home a blue in English Showmanship – while Patty rocked this class, Sam wasn’t quite as crisp as the judge would have liked.

English Showmanship

She also showed in English Pleasure, English Equitation, Hunter Hack, Dressage and Jumping.  While I can’t recall her placings in all the events, I do remember that she saved the best for last.  Sam and Patty took Reserve Champion in the Junior Dressage Seat Equitation Class!  Talk about going out with a bang!

Reserve Champions Dressage Seat Equitation

I have several more posts for today to play catch-up.  I really need to learn how to post more than two pictures per post!  Any ideas?