Soccer Manager

When Sam started Independent, we encouraged her to get involved in activities and clubs.  One of the activities that she chose was to help one of her friends as the Soccer team manager.  When she told Steve, he thought that it was great that she was a manager of the GIRLS soccer team.  What Steve failed to realize was that Sam hadn’t specified WHICH soccer team she was helping to manage.  It turned out to be the boys soccer team, LOL! 

The other soccer managers are seniors, so they are showing Sam the ropes so Sam can take over as Manager next year.  The coach is really excited to have a manager for next year.  So far, Sam’s attended a good majority of the practices and about 2/3’s of the games – some were pretty far away and were going to take up most of the day – that doesn’t quite work too well when you have a lot of tests coming up!  She really seems to be enjoying her time as a soccer manager for Independent, and has really taken to High School.

Soccer Manager


Sam is the one standing on the right side of the picture with the white shirt and blue shorts.  It’s difficult to get pics of her doing her thing because she’s all the way across the field!  Even with my zoom lens it was difficult to get a much larger pic.  Oh well.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. diane mcvey
    Oct 16, 2011 @ 08:47:27

    Fantastic!~Thanks for sending me this link. I had lost your blog info! Now I’m signed up to follow. Yay!!!
    Glad all is going well for Samantha at school. I read all the blog entries; loved all the pony posts and pictures! She did so well at the fair, which is no surprise! Glad she had a great end in Lincoln.
    Hope you’ll be up to see me soon! I’d love to catch up with you. I’m still grieving over leaving my “farm”; had to go to Beatrice Friday, and drove by it on the way home. I could not stop crying… :((
    Hugs to you! Take care!~


  2. rkokes
    Oct 17, 2011 @ 15:14:51

    boy’s team-hee hee. I’ll bet he LOVED that. 🙂


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