Winter Sports Homecoming

Yesterday evening was Sam’s homecoming.  This homecoming was a bit more special because Sam actually had a DATE – it was a “go as friends” sort of date, but a date nonetheless.  A group of Sam’s friends met at Il Vicino (a wood-fired pizza restaurant) for dinner before the dance, then headed off to school for the dance.  I was under strict instructions to drop Sam off at the restaurant – no coming inside, no taking pictures, then to pick her up at school afterwards.  Sheesh, teenagers – like a picture is going to kill them or something.  At least I was able to snap a few before we headed out the door to the restaurant.

This dance was planned by Sam and her compatriots on the Freshman Student Council, so I think that it held more of a special meaning for her.  I did get to see the decorations before the dance, but didn’t get any pictures of those either.  Guess I’m going to have to get better about taking my camera with me all the time – either that or learn how to download pictures from my cell phone to the computer, which means getting out the dreaded manual – assuming that I can find the manual, sigh.