New Kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve brought home an early Christmas present for me and Sam.  A co-worker had rescued a kitten from a dog and brought the kitten into work for a different co-worker.  The co-worker took the kitten home, but it didn’t work out because they also had a dog.  SO, Steve thought that we would be able to give the kitten a good home.

So, without further ado, let me introduce Miss Sophie 🙂



Miss Sophie is a flame point siamese mix.  We’re not sure how old she is, but probably 3-6 months.  I need to get a vet appointment scheduled for her, then we’ll find out a bit more about her.  So far Cuddles hasn’t really interacted with her, but she’s been sniffing around where Sophie has been.  Scooter went up to Sophie in her carrier and was trying to sniff her, but she must have swipped him because Sam heard Scooter yowl and saw him take off in the other direction.  We’ll keep them separated for a week or two, and see how they get along.  Hopefully it will go well!